Members are the lifeblood of every Club. It is the members’ contribution to their Club that makes it what it is.

An inaugural meeting for the formation of a Sailing Club on Lake Cootharaba was held at 8:00pm on 12th February 1946 and was attended by fourteen prospective members.

These members had an ethos that has carried on throughout the years and is still practised today. They were all prepared to put in the effort that was necessary to get the job done and share the workload.


They purchased the land and built a timber Clubhouse themselves. No concrete trucks or excavators were used. It was all done by hand!

Similarly in 1960 when the construction work on the present Clubhouse began, the members did most of the work.  In later times renovations have been completed by contractors simply because of the need to comply with workplace regulations.


However, to this day, the running of the Club both on and off water has continued to be done by members on a volunteer basis.

Membership and Boat Storage Applications

The year for club membership and boat storage runs from 1st of August to the 31st of July.

Application/renewal forms for the 2017/18 year are available for download below.

Application/renewal fees for 2018/19 are detailed below and online applications and payment will open in July 2018.

 Join/Renew online for 2018/19                                       Coming Soon!!

Membership Classes and Fees (2018/19 Season)


  1. Classes of Membership are detailed in the Constitution here.
  2. Any skipper or crew who sails in more than three races in a season must hold an Australian Sailing ID, which requires payment of the relevant Australian Sailing fee.
  3. Membership is granted subject to acceptance of the Conditions of Membership as detailed here.
  • Family – (2 Adults + children) $140 - plus Australian Sailing fees if reqd ($77 per adult - $41 per child)
  • Senior (over 18 yrs) $88
  • Senior with Australian Sailing $165
  • Senior Concession $53
  • Senior Concession with Australian Sailing $130
  • Life Member $0
  • Life Member with Australian Sailing $77
  • Junior $45
  • Junior with Australian Sailing $86
  • Social $10

Boat Storage Fees (2018/19 Season)


  1. Boat storage is available to Full Members only.
  2. New members must have boat storage approved by the Executive Committee before purchasing.
  • Under Clubhouse
  • Floor level $290
  • Upper rack $200
  • Under 3m - rack off the floor $155
  • Sailboards (board or rig) $105
  • Top Shed $340
  • Outdoor Secure Yard $155

Club Notices

Documents and Policies