Members are the lifeblood of every Club. It is the members’ contribution to their Club that makes it what it is.

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The inaugural meeting for the formation of a Sailing Club on Lake Cootharaba was held at 8:00pm on 12th February 1946 and was attended by fourteen prospective members.

These members had an ethos that has carried on throughout the years and is still practised today. They were all prepared to put in the effort that was necessary to get the job done and share the workload.


To this day, the running of the Club both on and off water has continued to be done by members on a volunteer basis.  It currently has in excess of 300 members who share a love of not only sailing and “The Lake”, but also of simply being part of the “family” that is the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club!!


They purchased the land and built a timber Clubhouse themselves. No concrete trucks or excavators were used. It was all done by hand!


Similarly in 1960 when the construction work on the present Clubhouse began, the members did most of the work.


They enjoy the competition and camaraderie of a full calendar of club racing and regattas, and playing a role in hosting the many annual regattas that afford others the opportunity of visiting and racing at what we believe is one of the best sailing venues around.

Members also benefit from access to boat storage facilities, sailing lessons, other courses, reduced regatta entry fees, and much more…  not to mention the social activities that are very much a part of being a member of the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club family.

Why not join and become one of the family!!

Membership and Boat Storage Applications

The year for club membership and boat storage runs from 1st of August to the 31st of July.

Applications for the 2023-24 season are now open!

You can join/renew for the entire year as a full sailing member for an annual fee of $135 ($70 for juniors), or as a social member for $10. Family membership is also available at a discounted rate.

See below for the full schedule of fees.

Not up yet for a full membership?  For as little as $10 per day you can sign up for a temporary membership (SailPass), to join in and see if sailing is for you!

Applications and payment must be submitted online.
Click on the link below and follow the instructions to complete the process.
(You will be given the option of submitting an application for Full Membership (sailing or social) for the entire year, or for SailPass Membership for up to three dates.)

Contact for assistance if required.

  • Renewing members will need their AS Number, name and DOB to complete the application process. AS numbers can be checked at
  • New applications for boat storage must be approved by the Executive Committee before submitting. Please contact in this regard.
  • Boat Storage fees include include full season registration for club racing where indicated (value $270).
  • If renewing your membership or boat storage, please check that all of your prefilled details are correct when doing so.
  • New applications and renewals for Family Membership should follow the process below:
    1. Register Family Adult 1 and make the Family Membership payment.
    2. Register Family Adult 2  without any payment.
    3. Register each Family Child without any payment.
    4. Link family members to Family Adult 1 (box at bottom of form.)
    5. If you are registering for boat storage and have more than one boat, payments must be done for individual family members – First boat for Family Adult 1, second for Family Adult 2, third for Family Child etc.)

Membership Fees (2023/24 Season)


Fees include the Australian Sailing Affiliation Fee.

  • Family – (up to two adults with or without children under 18 yrs as at 31 May 2024) $255
  • Senior (over 18 yrs as at 31 May 2024) $135
  • Life Member $0
  • Junior (under 18 yrs as at 31 May 2024) $70
  • Social (not eligible to vote) $10
  • Social member & volunteer (not eligible to vote) $0

Boat Storage Fees (2023/24 Season)


  1. Boat storage is available to Full Members only in accordance with the policy detailed here.
  2. New applications for boat storage require approval of the Executive Committee prior to payment. (Contact
  3. Boat Storage fees include include full season registration for club racing where indicated (value $270).
  • Under Clubhouse
  • Floor level $620 (includes full season club racing registration)
  • Upper rack $510 (includes full season club racing registration)
  • Under 3m - rack off the floor $190
  • Sailboard (rolled sail) $130
  • Rigged Sailboard Sail $130
  • Top Shed $700 (includes full season club racing registration)
  • Top Yard (secured outdoors) $190

Club Notices

Documents and Policies